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Exton Consulting

Unternehmensberatung/ Stragegieberatung, Management Consult.

"With strong growth objectives, the firm has a twofold ambition:

- to be a European reference among strategy and management consulting firms specializing in financial services,
- to provide our teams with careers that are enticing, meaningful, human and recognized in the industry.

Structured as a partnership, the firm is independent, ensuring that it provides the utmost quality and objectivity in its recommendations. Exton Consulting`s teams are recognized by their clients for their side-by-side and personal engagement, their professionalism, their industry-specific expertise and, most importantly, their continuous quest for concrete results

In 2010, the firm consolidated its French and global operations under the Exton International holding banner and opened an office in Milan (Italy) in 2013. In 2017, a new Exton office was opened in Munich (Germany), and another in Barcelona (Spain) was opened in 2019.

Our clients are top players in the banking, insurance, payments, CIB & asset management sectors who are faced with ever-growing challenges in regard to growth, transformation and innovation. We rely on an experienced and ambitious team of consultants, and a hand-in-hand approach with clients to tackle these issues together."

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